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Writing away...



oh effy

❆ Take me to that haunted house

10 months ago - 351,103 notes

I cry night and day
Remembering the love we once had
Remembering what we once shared
Every memory is like a stab to my bleeding heart.
Every memory makes my heart flutter
Yet brings me pain
I hate how I love you
But I know you can never feel the same
I hate the reality of knowing the feelings aren’t mutual
The reality of no one ever loving me
The things that I wish we’re left undone
Unravel in front of me
For once I just wish you would feel the same way I feel about you

11 months ago - 0 notes

Trust issues

I try so hard for you to trust me
But it seems like everything
I do doesn’t affect you
Even the little details
You can’t tell
I tell you everything
But for you to trust me
It’s a world war in your head

12 months ago - 0 notes

Break me

I hate how you ignore me
How you treat me,
Like a piece of garbage stuck under your feet.
That you immediately kick off
I hate how you make me feel
How you make me feel unwanted
But at the same time,
Also making the butterflies in my stomach jump rapidly when you talk to me.
I hate how I love you
I hate how you treat me
I hate how you make me,
For one minute hate you
And love you the next
Why do you toy with my emotions?

12 months ago - 0 notes

number one

I’m never going to be anybody’s number one

Now it’s becoming a fact.

No one is ever going to love me as much as I love them,

That’s how it always seems.

You’re never gonna love me like I love you.

It hurts to know.

Like a burning pain in my heart.

But all I can do is wish upon stars,

Maybe my wish might come through

12 months ago - 0 notes


I wish I could be your number one,

I wish I could be someone’s number one.

I wish someone could love me and treat me right,

I wish someone could treat me like I’m the only girl in the world.

I wish someone could make me feel special, like it was just you and me.

I wish someone could love me, more than I loved them for once.

I wish someone could never forget me because they couldn’t

I wish someone would beg for me.

I wish someone would want me like I want you.

12 months ago - 0 notes


You brought me to life once again,

Made me realize who I really am

Made me realize how worthless it is to obsess over nothing

How I waste my time on unimportant things.

Life is too short,

I hear that a lot,

But now I believe it.

Now I believe, there’s no time to waste,

No time to sit around and cry

No time to depress over life.

No time to remember you

No time to forget you

No time to love you

Only time to move on and forget you.

Leave behind my old life.

And start afresh

12 months ago - 0 notes


I hate telling people my feelings,

Too afraid of what they’ll think of me once they know the truth about me.

Afraid that they’ll leave as soon as they know

Afraid of being alone.

12 months ago - 0 notes


Why do I break everything i touch?
Why do I bury everyone I care about?
Why do I destroy everything good in my life?
Why can’t someone stay?
Why do I care too much?
Why can’t you stay
Why do I love you ?
Why can’t I stop loving you?
Why can you never love me?
Through the heartbreak, through the pain
Why can’t someone else always be there for me
No matter what
Why can’t I save myself?
Why can’t I change?
These are questions I ask myself everyday…

12 months ago - 0 notes


Why do I miss you so much
Why do I feel like,
Without you my heart is burning
Like without you a part of me is missing
Why do I feel like you complete me?

12 months ago - 0 notes


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